An End of the Year Child Care Survey

child care survey

It’s hard to believe that we are closing in on another year.  They go by so fast.

Most of us try to take account of what we accomplished during those 365 days.  Some of us make that list of what we did not yet accomplish.

Regardless, there’s a lot of “List Development” going on in our heads and on paper.

Centers often want accounting for the plus and minuses of the year, reporting revenue profits/losses, growth rate, staff costs – business operational items.  All very important information to be able to keep your doors open!

I want to ask if your child care survey also includes an inventory of children’s learning.  Not as a whole group – but each individual child’s learning over the past year.

I remember being in a meeting one time and one of the business owners said, “All but 6 of our children have met the milestones for their age group.”  We thought that was pretty impressive. Then someone asked, “Can you name the 6 children who didn’t?”  She could not name them.  She was looking at the statistical report.

What a wake-up call that was for me!  If I as the leader only had numbers to guide me, and not names and reasons, how could I plan to improve?  Who were these little ones who did not flourish and what could I have done better?

When we look at the factors that keep us in business, the #1 factor is the children.  And let’s not even say “children”.  Let’s say “each child” that is enrolled in my center.

We will improve every aspect of our operation, I believe, when we focus on our core responsibility – helping each child to grow and flourish, and become all that s/he can become.

I’d like you to take a few minutes to watch this incredible Ted Talk.  I believe it will show you exactly what I mean when I suggest that you think about WHY you own a center, and why you do have the ability to put the children first.

Simon Sinek.  How Great Leaders Inspire Action: