4 Steps for Child Care Center Leaders to Make Lemonade

“These are unprecedented times for all of us.” We have all heard these eight words 25 times a day on TV and radio.  I personally didn’t need anyone to tell me this – I know it! I’ve received many, many notes from our community asking, “Sue, what can I do with my center and my

The Why & How of Retaining Child Care Staff & Subs

Retaining child care staff is even harder than finding/hiring staff according to many studies and reports.  Welcome to the 21st century. There are many reasons that it’s difficult retaining child care staff: Employee is looking for a better / easier job (“This is too hard”) Employee is looking for more money (“My friends make a

How Do You Communicate with Your Child Care Staff?

Are you always wondering “Why doesn’t my staff listen to me?” or “Why didn’t she do it the way I told her to do it?” What would you say if you heard them say, “What does she expect of me?” or “Why does she want us to do it like this when it works better

An End of the Year Child Care Survey

It’s hard to believe that we are closing in on another year.  They go by so fast. Most of us try to take account of what we accomplished during those 365 days.  Some of us make that list of what we did not yet accomplish. Regardless, there’s a lot of “List Development” going on in

We Are Their Role Models

When you watch children playing in your center, are you pleased with what you see?  When you LISTEN to the children, are you happy with what you hear?   This has always been the most eye-opening experience of my professional life.  How about for you?   Watching children play and interact with other children is

I Know This is the Right Thing to Do

Do you think you would you feel better if you only had 5, or 10, or even just 20 decisions to make in a day?  Me too.   Reality check.  It must be an “early dismissal” if we only have 20 decisions to make today, right?   But, it’s probably not the fact that you’re

Do As I Say, Not As I Do. Not!

Want to get your crew in line quickly?  Just model the behavior you want.   Sounds easy, right?  We wish!!!   Most of us have at one time or another given “mixed signals” to staff or family or friends.  We say, “I want you to do this” and then we do just the opposite.  

The Spotlight is On You!

We’re not the kind of people who like a spotlight.  Early childhood professionals tend to be more humble, behind the scenes, get the job done with little fanfare.   We’re really focused on the children…helping them to be all that they can be.   Reality is, you are in the spotlight when you are an

Me: Before, Now, and Coming Soon!

In every career we all go through stages.   Before we began as child care professionals, we were wide-eyed, excited, full of fabulous ideas, and couldn’t wait to get to the center every day to work with the children.   We had every intention of providing the very best care and education to the children

The Value of GREAT Communication in Your Child Care Center

Communication is the: Easiest component to mess up Most difficult component to do correctly Hardest component to fix Most necessary component in order to succeed. Communication is the foundation, the walls, the ceiling, the refrigerator and the couch of every relationship. Without great communication …. you’re in trouble! We all take communication for granted. We

Success Strategies:  Benchmarking

Benchmarking: Where are You?  Where do You Want to Be?  How do You get “There”? Benchmarking. An overused term, or a label of accountability? In a time when each of us is expected to do more with less, it is no longer adequate to look at numbers as benchmarks. Boards, stockholders, and funders are asking

Success Strategies: Risk Management Strategies

Each day seems to present more risk factors than we have ever had to consider in the past. As managers, we encounter risk in many areas: decisions about day-to-day business; growth plans for implementing new products or services; changes in policies or procedures; and even career decisions. To be a successful executive, one must be

Success Strategies: Competitive Strategies Today

Competitive Strategies Today The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, based at the Harvard Business School, defines competitive strategy as “how a company competes in a particular business (note: overall strategy for diversified firms is referred to as corporate strategy). Competitive strategy is concerned with how a company can gain a competitive advantage through a distinctive

Success Strategies: Business Growth Strategies

Some say the economy is turning around and business should be improving. We asked several business owners what they would suggest as a growth strategy over the next few months to make an organization more visible, more appealing to current and potential customers. Here are their thoughts on business growth strategies: “Good economy or bad,