Do As I Say, Not As I Do. Not!

behavior you want

Want to get your crew in line quickly?  Just model the behavior you want.


Sounds easy, right?  We wish!!!


Most of us have at one time or another given “mixed signals” to staff or family or friends.  We say, “I want you to do this” and then we do just the opposite.


For example, we ask our staff to be on time and always behave professionally.  Then we overhear on of the staff members say, “Well, why doesn’t she get here when the center opens” or “why is it OK for her to gossip about others?”


Wow!  What a wakeup call this is!!!   Saying and doing the exact opposite of what we are telling staff to do.


Although this was never the intent, it happens all the time – accidentally.


But what does this say to us?  It says that staff is watching what we are doing and saying.


Then, let’s do and say the things that we want staff members to do and say.  Model appropriate behavior.


Lecturing. Demanding. Requiring. Threatening.  Not really effective.  They are only a band aid to changing behaviors.


Not a long term fix.


Modeling is a much more positive approach.


Here are some examples:


  • Staff comes late and takes long breaks. You Model:  Arriving first every day.  Take only 5-10 minute breaks and comment so others hear that it’s time to get back to work.


  • Staff has cell phone in their hands all day long. You Model:  Not having your personal cell in your hand ever.  Not taking personal calls in front of staff.


  • Staff is not as involved as they could be with the children. You Model:  Spend quality time with children and show how much you enjoy this.  Let staff know the skills you are working on with a particular child and how you know when they have accomplished the skills.


You will change your staff’s behaviors and bad habits much, much faster by modeling what you want them to do!