Envision Yourself As An Incredible Leader of Your Child Care Center: The Who, Why, What, How & When

Incredible Leader

Envision Yourself As An Incredible Leader of Your Child Care Center: The Who, Why, What, How & When


As a group, people who work in the child care arena are very loving, giving, humble, and hard working.  Let’s say again, VERY hard working.  You may be running a non-profit, a church related, a government funded, a franchise or a corporate center, or an in-home center.  Regardless, you are all in the business of doing your very best to care for children.

You probably have a college degree in early childhood education.  You may or may not have also taken classes in human resources, building management, staff development, conflict resolution, finance, and marketing.

On average, you are paid about $22.10 an hour according to the federal bureau of labor.  Some grocery stores pay their assistant managers more.   You probably really make less than $22/hr. because you are salaried and work a lot more than 40 hours a week.

You are in charge of EVERYTHING: the building, the people, the money, and of course, educational excellence, and you are pretty tired at the end of every day.


So, you probably should already could call yourself an incredible leader – it’s incredible that you can get all of the tasks done every day.

But, remember, you are a humble person, so maybe “incredible” never entered your mind.

Would you like some help here?

Would you like to truly feel like an Incredible Leader – and have others talk about you as an Incredible Leader as well?



So, what does it take to be an Incredible Leader?

It takes you recognizing that …

  • Doing the same things you are already doing, but faster, will not get you there.
  • Working a longer day, and more weekend days, will not get you there.
  • Just working a little harder each day will not get you there.

It also takes you understanding that …

  • You first have to envision yourself as an Incredible Leader.
  • You have to be always striving to be and Incredible Leader – learn it, continually refine it keep it going.
  • You have to understand the components that define an Incredible Leader.
  • You have to be willing change some of the ways you now work to be an Incredible Leader.
  • You must have a group of other Leaders surrounding and supporting you.
  • You have to empower everyone in your center to be a leader in their own way.
  • This won’t be easy.

Here are areas that you can consider when preparing to solidify yourself as an Incredible Leader:

  • Strategic Policies & Procedures: This is the infrastructure component of being successful.  You and everyone else need to know the boundaries, consequences, and opportunities available.  You need procedures to be well organized so that everyday tasks take the minimum amount of time, leaving more time for instructional support.
  • Parental Support & Inclusion: The Parents are your allies.  You are both on the same side – helping their children to be stars!  Your days go so much better if parents are there to support you in your work, and to support their children at home in what you are teaching them.  It is imperative that both the center staff and the parents are both on the same page so that the children are not receiving mixed messages and become confused.
  • Health & Safety for All: It takes a split second (that means a piece of one second) for an injury, or even a tragedy, to happen in a child care center.
  • Empowered Staff: Everyone wants to feel needed.  Everyone has strong skills.  Everyone will respond positively given the right situation.  Find the best in each of your staff members and give them the opportunity to perform at their best.
  • An Incredible Leader: That’s you!  You are the one who holds it all together and leads all of the staff, children and parents in the same, positive, healthy direction.  Don’t do this alone.  Employ everyone to be a part of the movement to get the best of everyone, for everyone.
  • Enriching Curriculum: While this is truly the purpose of everyone being at the center, it is not a topic that this website will address directly.  There are hundreds of other sources for this information.


Your Center Success provides articles, webinars, work groups and live webinar interactions to help you achieve your title of Incredible Leader.


On the Your Center Success website you will find a lot of FREE information.  There are free and paid memberships and services for you to access as fit your personal needs.  One of the best services, free with any of the paid memberships, is inclusion in the Good to Great Small Discussion Groups, where you can talk live to peers.  It also includes a private Facebook page for Your Center Success members.


Right now.  Why wait to be an Incredible Leader?