Every Child is Welcome?

every child welcome

Every Child is Welcome?

Is your center open to any child whose parents can pay the tuition? Should it be?  This is probably a question that you wrestle with often. Only you can make this decision.

Many might think that this question is speaking to excluding “children with disabilities”. This could include physical, social, mental, or emotional disabilities.  It could also include economic disabilities.  But there are some other reasons you may not want to accept a child into your center.  Parents may have very different philosophical differences than those of your center.  This could include such things as taking naps, saying the pledge of allegiance, celebrating events, etc.

I thought it might be helpful to give you some points to consider if this is a question you are still asking yourself.

  • Is there anything in your center’s mission that suggests that you will accept any student?
  • Does your staff have the training to work with every child?
  • Is your center large enough to comfortably accommodate every child? (Yes, size does matter.)
  • Do you and the parents share the same educational philosophies?
  • Will including a particular child have any negative effects on the group of children as a whole?
  • Will this child thrive in your center? Will all of his/her needs be BEST met in your center?

I am not suggesting in any way that you do not try to be as inclusive as humanly possible in your center. Inclusivity is very important for everyone for a million reasons.  However, you cannot add a child that will be totally disruptive to all of the other children.

A good suggestion would be to know as much as you can about other centers in your area and be able to refer a child who is not a good fit in your center to one of them.


Watch for the webinar on how to deal with this situation.