What Is the Gain from Employee Professional Development?

Let’s look at what the employees gain, and what you gain:


  • A day away from regular duties and often a free lunch
  • A day to really think about their job without having to also perform it.
  • An opportunity to consider individual skills that they need to perform the job.
  • Training in information and/or skills that is completely new.
  • Time to think through the new information before applying/implementing it at work.
  • A chance to ask about questions/concerns they have about their job in a safe environment.
  • An opportunity to learn strategies and resolutions of work problems from fellow classmates.
  • A feeling that their employer expects them to improve their performance.
  • A feeling that they are valued by their employer.



  • A newly improved employee!


Questions to Ponder:

  • Do your employees currently have a way to express concerns or ask questions in a very non-threatening way?
  • Is there a procedure for employees to ask for help?
  • If an employee asks for help, how is their request handled?