How Many Leadership Qualities Do I Need to Be an Incredible Leader of my Child Care Center?

It’s probably more than one.


What if it’s 25?  That’s a lot!  How will I ever get that many?


Maybe it’s only seven … or nine … or ten.  Lots of people write about The 10 Leadership Qualities You Need to …..


So, is it 10?


(So, this is your first test.  Who are earth could there possibly be that can tell you how many leadership qualities one needs to be a leader?  Duh!)


So, if it’s not a number of qualities, are there specific qualities that one must have?


Well, think of eight people that you look at as a leader.  Do they all have all of the same qualities?


Do Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Judge Ginsburg all have an organized desk?  Did Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi all delegate to empower their staff?  Do Sheryl Sandberg, Martha Stewart and Beyonce all demonstrate accountability?


OK, so that doesn’t seem to be working either.  Now what?  How am I going to become an Incredible Leader of my child care center???

Here are my thoughts on this quandary.


  1. You already are a Leader. So you’re half way there.


  1. When you consciously focus on being a leader, you will evolve by learning, practicing, and watching other Incredible Leaders whom you admire. It’s a process.


  1. You will not be Incredible until you believe you can be Incredible and you allow yourself to be Incredible.


  1. You need to believe that everyone you serve is rooting for you to be Incredible because they want to follow an Incredible Leader.


  1. Being an Incredible Leader requires placing your focus on others benefitting from your efforts. It’s all about them and their needs.


Not everyone can be an Incredible Leader of a Child Care Center… but maybe you can if you want to be.