How to Build Your Center While You’re Temporarily Closed

temporarily closed

These seem to be once-in-a-life-time times (we hope!) and it makes all of us very unsure of what to do.  I personally went through a period of serious worry, and a little bit of depression a few weeks ago.

After a few days, I realized that I have absolutely no control over what is going on in the world – other than to obey the orders given by the public officials and offer aid wherever I can, even while temporarily closed.

Being consumed with worry provided no value to me.  It was truly a huge waste of time and energy.  It didn’t improve anything.  In fact, over-worrying was the absolute opposite of what I should have been doing.  I’m not beating myself up for this….I’m just really glad that I got past it.

So, now I’m looking at what to do alone in my home for weeks.  And, I’ve decided to look at this imprisonment as a GIFT.

I’m always thinking:

“I wish I had my plate empty enough to really do some strategic planning.”

“I wish I had time to do take some training on ______.”

“I wish I could develop a plan to be more organized in working with my staff members.”

And so on.

So how about you?

  • Have you been thinking for a long time that you’d like to review your curriculum?
  • Have you wanted to take some time putting together a more successful plan for holding staff meetings?
  • Have you been wishing you had time to get some leadership training for yourself?
  • Have you thought that you should be better at motivating your staff and need some ideas?
  • Have you needed to improve your marketing plan for your center?
  • (List your own wants here…)


This time-at-home can be your opportunity to REBOOT your center’s operation.

Here’s my suggestion.

  • Over the next week, roll some ideas around in your head of how you would like to reboot.
  • Next week, choose one or two goals for yourself and decide how you will approach them.
  • Do it!
  • Go back to work with a renewed focus, energy and plan.


By the way, I’m here to help.  Free coaching and training through April and May, 2020.  Contact me at