I Know This is the Right Thing to Do

Do you think you would you feel better if you only had 5, or 10, or even just 20 decisions to make in a day?  Me too.


Reality check.  It must be an “early dismissal” if we only have 20 decisions to make today, right?


But, it’s probably not the fact that you’re having to MAKE the decision.  It’s the wondering and worrying if you’re making the RIGHT decision.




Let me assure you that we all go through this feeling.  Especially when the number of decisions gets to be overwhelming.


So, here are two pointers I have for you in making “all the right” decisions.


  1. Decisions should be made with this in mind:
    • Does the decision I make benefit the children?  That’s the only reason we have a job and come to work – for the children.
    • Does the decision I make fit within the mission of my child care center?


When you keep the children and your center’s mission in the front of your thoughts, there is no room for drama, side tracking, etc.  If adults are causing problems for you (staff and/or parents), and their problems are not focused on your children or your mission, you have to dismiss these problems and get them to focus on the children and the mission.  All focus is on the children.  It’s that important.


  1. You are the professional.  You have the title of LEADER.  You are in this position because you have a lot of education and experience behind you to be making the decisions.
    • Don’t doubt yourself.  If you doubt yourself, everyone else will also doubt you.  Then your leadership goes helter-skelter, and someone else is really steering the ship.  You have to be strong, focused and committed.
    • If you really are unsure of the “right” answer, ask a trusted colleague, mentor, coach.  (I’m always available to help you!!!)


We’ve all heard the saying “I’m my own worst enemy” – probably so many times we don’t even listen to what it means.  So I’ll share this quote:


“I seek strength, not to be greater than others, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself”  ― P.C. Cast


Instead, think of it this way:  Every minute I spend doubting myself and worrying about making decisions is a LOST MINUTE I could have spent benefitting a child.