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Membership includes:

  • One Paid Webinar of Your Choice: You will receive a coupon code to attend any live webinar for free.  *Includes certificate of completion. (Valued at $55-$65)
  • Free Attendance at any $5 Friday Webinar: Participate in interactive, personalized discussions with a different topic each week (almost like private coaching!) *Includes certificate of completion. 
  • Free 5-Webinar Welcome Series.  Five powerful recorded webinars included in this membership at no cost. These webinars cover five of the most important areas of center management: Savvy leadership, Empowered Staff, Parental Support and Inclusion, Strategic Policies and Procedures, and Health & Safety.
  • Private Facebook Page. For 24/7 support from staff and other YourCenterSuccess members, you can drop into our Facebook page and talk with colleagues.
  • Discounted Fees on Live Interactive Webinars: This membership entitles you to a significant discount off of any live webinar.  *Includes certificate of completion.
  • Discounted Fees on Recorded Webinars: This membership entitles you to access any recorded webinar at a discounted price.
  • Good to Great Club. This is a monthly group call-in to transform your center from Good to Great. Based on the book by Jim Collins, we will discuss how being a good center may be keeping you from becoming a great center!
  • Weekly Coaching Session.  Call in one hour every week for a Q&A Session with other members.  Ask any questions you'd like.
  • Owners Only Club.   Individually scheduled - three (3) 90 minute sessions among directors who have the same interests as you.  Additional Fee required.
  • Directors Only Club.  Individually scheduled - three (3) 90 minute sessions among directors who have the same interests as you.  Additional Fee required.
  • One-on-One Coaching.  If you prefer talking with someone totally on YOUR schedule and about YOUR needs, we will accommodate that.  Additional Fee required.
  • YourCenterSuccess quarterly newsletter. This newsletter, published electronically on a quarterly basis, features success stories and great tips from centers around the world.
  • Boys & Girls Common Skills Booklets. This set of eight booklets, age birth to 8 years old, list common skills children should typically attain by that age. They list the skills, followed by several examples of how that skill could be identified. They are colorful and written at a middle school reading level. Use them in your center as a checklist for staff. Copy them and send them home to parents to use as a sample of activities parents can do with their children. These booklets can help all of your children to be learning ready.  Written by Dr. Susan Gove, Ph.D., CEO of Your Center Success. *Previously featured on Sesame Street’s website!
  • Pin-Ups: Inspirations and Tips are available to download and “pin-up” on your bulletin board.
  • Survey Results: You can review results of the Saturday Success Secret Surveys, as well as results of the monthly Child Care Owner/Director Community Collaboration Surveys.
  • Tuesday Tip: Every Tuesday, you will receive an email with an inspiring tip for child care directors and owners.
  • Blog Articles. Our articles cover current topics in managing a child care center and offer great tips in helping you, your staff, parents and the children.
  • Money back guarantee. If we are not a great help to you, we will refund your fee without question. But, we don’t plan to disappoint.

The price for membership is $25.00 per Year.

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