What Motivates Parents to Want to Be Involved in Your Child Care Center?

Involving Parents in your Child Care Program

Involving Parents in your Child Care Program

If most parents had their choice, they would spend their child’s first five years taking them to the park, going to visit grandpa, making cookies, going to kiddie yoga, and teaching them to read. They wouldn’t spend what amounts to a house payment every month on child care.  They wouldn’t race to get them ready in the morning and to pick them up at the end of the day.  They would be with them during those formative years.  But that’s really a luxury these days, only for the very fortunate.


When children are at a child care center, parents risk missing the child’s first words, first steps, and much, much more. When they bring their child to child care for the very first time, they worry all day long, wonder how their child is doing, and feel guilty for not being with their child.  So, I believe these are some of the biggest factors that motivates parents to want to be involved in your child care center.


Parents are not wanting to be at the center all day, every day, but they would love to spend a few quality minutes occasionally with their child in your center. There are several great reasons for you to consider inviting parents into your center to spend time with their child.  Here are some to consider:


  1. Parents will feel good (and lessen their guilt) when they see what their child does during the day, what the schedule is, and who the other children are in the center.
  2. Parents can see how their child actually acts in a group of children, and should gain insight into some of the comments you have made to them about their child’s behavior.
  3. Parents can add an extra hand during some of the day’s activities, like lunch or diapering.
  4. Parents will see what you are trying to teach their child, and will be able to continue that effort at home.
  5. Parents will see the real truth about what goes on in your center and any myths will be dispelled.


Inviting parents into your center can have great rewards, but admittedly might be a little bit tricky for you because, after all, you have a business to run! You have schedules and staff and lots of kiddos to attend to all day long.   We have a webinar that will help you to work through the logistics of this move.