Motivating YOU: One Success Will Automatically Lead to Two


I LOVE children.  I LOVE teaching.  I LOVE helping moms and dads become better parents.  I love mentoring staff.


So, why do I sometimes DREAD going to work in my child care center?


Wait, wait.  I know this answer!


Is it because once you arrive at your center, you don’t get to do the things you LOVE to do?  Ah, yes.


Instead of teaching and helping …your tasks are crisis management and paper work.  Ugh!


Big disconnect in the LOVE vs. the DOING tasks, right?


Time for change.  Time to plan to spend your day doing the things that you LOVE and get rid of as many things as possible that just, well, drain you.


As humans, change is not easy.  Even if we want to change, we don’t necessarily know how to change.


Here are four steps to making success begin to be automatic for you:


  • Step One: Change
    • Embrace the need and desire to change. Once you are comfortable with the concept of change, you can begin to plan for and implement change in your life.


  • Step Two: Take One Action
    • Remember the main reason you go to work every day – It’s All About the Children. Now that you are clear on why you go to work, determine one thing that you LOVE to do and allow yourself FIVE Minutes to do it each day.  Make it your priority and don’t let anything or anyone stop you for that five minutes.


  • Continue to do this every single day. Take 5 minutes to do what you love to do that is all about the children.


  • Step Three: Reflect
    • Take some time to really think about those 5 minutes that you spent LOVING your work. How did you feel?  Motivated?  Did anything not get done during the day because you used those five minutes to do the work you should be doing?  Was it worth it?


  • Step Four: Repeat
    • Repeat Step Two and add another five minutes a day. Yep, you are up to 10 minutes a day now – that’s less than 2% of your day – doing what you LOVE to do in your work.


  • Now repeat Step Three.


Motivating yourself has to come from within.  No one can do it for you.


It’s easy to get caught up in the furry and the drama and the administration work, and this causes us to become very disheartened.


Give yourself the PERMISSION to do something you LOVE every single day.  Practice until it becomes automatic.  You and the children will LOVE the result!