My Life is Paperwork, and Oh Yeah, I Try to Talk to the Staff and Children When I Can


It’s really hard to believe that a child care director could really be expected to have so much paperwork to do that they barely have time to interact children or staff.


But as many of you know, (I see your heads nodding) it’s true.  Documentation rules the day.


How has it come to this?  Don’t know…and can’t really do anything about it.


So, this is no life for the educational leader of a child care center.  For the person who is helping children to dream more, learn more, become more.


What’s a director to do???????????


I don’t pretend to know the exact paperwork that every center is required to do in every city, state or country.


What I do feel comfortable suggesting is that there can’t be only one person (you) in your whole center who is able to do all of the paperwork.  It just can’t be!


Now, I know, it’s really important your paperwork is completed on time, it’s correct, etc.   But, really…


What if you took the risk and trained a few others in your center to help with the paperwork?  I have the answer:


  • You would feel like the weight of the world came off of your shoulders.


  • You would have more time in your day to do very important work – mentor staff, implement new programs, help parents ….


  • Your staff members would have a new perspective of the work that is required of you.


  • Your staff members would feel a sense of empowerment when given the responsibility of doing such an important task.


  • Your children would actually get to see you and talk to you – and you would be able to see what they are learning, how well they are thriving, what additional needs they may have – all of the most important things you should be doing as a center Incredible Leader!


It might sound scary, but I know you can (and SHOULD) consider this.  If you have concerns, or get stuck, just give me a call and I’ll talk you through it.