7 Ways to Help Children Flourish When We Partner With Their Parents



7 Ways to Help Children Flourish When We Partner With Their Parents


During the years that you are caring for a child, your best effort toward success will require you to have a good (if not great) working relationship with the child’s parents.  Sometimes you get very lucky and the parents are wonderful partners.  But, many times the parents don’t have the child development background that you have, and therefore don’t know or aren’t sure exactly how to help their child.  Is it your responsibility to teach parents?  Probably not.  Is it to your benefit to help parents learn how to help their children?  Probably.  This webinar will help you to explore this question and answers.


CDA Competency: Goal IV. To establish positive and productive relationships with families

Learning Objectives:  The learner will be able to

  • Identify 7 ways to help children flourish when we partner with their parents
  • List at least 3 of the pros and 3 of the cons of developing a parent partner program
  • State what resources it would take to incorporate a parent partner program
  • Know an action plan for implementing this program
  • Choose how to successfully involve parents in a partner program

State Approvals:

Alabama – Accepted Hawaii – Accepted Massachusetts – Accepted New Mexico – Approved South Dakota – Accepted
Alaska – Accepted Idaho Michigan – Approved (Course ID: 116276) New York Tennessee – Accepted
Arizona Illinois – Accepted Minnesota North Carolina – Approved Texas
Arkansas Indiana – Accepted Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California – Accepted Iowa Missouri Ohio – Accepted Vermont
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky – DCC Approved Nebraska Oregon – Accepted Washington
Delaware – Accepted Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida – Accepted  Maine – Accepted for Elective Training in PDP New Hampshire – Accepted Rhode Island Wisconsin – Approved (Course ID: 271261)
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina – Pending Wyoming – STARS Approved (Primary Knowledge Area: Family, Community & Cultural Relationships)

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