Allergies: A Life or Death Issue



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The days of peanut butter-and-jelly or grilled-cheese sandwiches for everyone are long gone.  There probably isn’t a child care center in the world that doesn’t have at least one child with a life threatening allergy to some food, medication or cleaning product.  That means that the center’s primary job is not to poison any child.  Unfortunately, it only takes a second of not paying attention to have a dire consequence.  This is the responsibility of every single staff member.  Are you sure that your center is doing every single thing it can to ensure every child’s safety?  This webinar will help you to focus on the many dangers for children – maybe some you had not even considered – and discuss how to avoid them so that all children are safe.


Webinar Learning Objectives: 

The learner will be able to…

  • Identify at least three situations where children are at risk due to allergies
  • Determine how best to ensure that the staff keeps the children safe
  • Develop a plan for including the parents in the safety plan

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