Solving Difficult Parent Problems Quickly



Webinar Description:

Does it sometimes seem that the parents are making the rules in your center?  You have rules and policies but somehow the line between following and breaking the rules have become fuzzy.  Sometime they are broken – sort of – and sometimes completely ignored.  This webinar will help you to see how this happens, how to get order back in your center and how to deal with parents who think they would rather make the rules.

Webinar Learning Objectives: 

The learner will be able to…

  • Determine what the lines are between acceptable and nonacceptable behavior
  • Examine how some behaviors have crossed the line
  • Point out the consequences of disruptive parent behavior to you, to your staff,  to the children and to all parents
  • Examine what can you do to remedy these problems so that everyone wins

Additional information


All Staff, Directors, Managers, Owners

CDA Competencies

II., III., IV., V.

NAEYC Program Standards

Standard 1: Relationships, Standard 6: Teachers

Successful Center Category

Empowered Staff