ACTION PACKAGE – Changing the Disruptive Parent into an Asset to Your Center



You’ll definitely learn how to STOP parents from disrupting the staff, children, other parents and you!  And, also learn the extra tips in showing parents how to contribute to their child’s experience in a way that is actually helpful to you.

This is a step-by-step package with lots of individual and personal support along the way.


Changing the Disruptive Parent into an Asset to Your Center will answer your questions of:

  • why parents are causing problems?
  • what you can do to stop the disruption?
  • how you can stop the disruption?
  • how to have productive meetings with parents?
  • how you can communicate better with parents & staff?
  • how you can teach parents to be helpful to their child and to the center?

Package Syllabus:

  • Introduction:  Developing Your Plan of Solving Problems with Parents
  • Module #1:  Starting Out Right with Parents
  • Module #2:  Effective Communication Among Parents, Staff and the Director
  • Module #3:  Parent Participation & Involvement

Included in this package are:

  • Problem Parent Analysis PackageUse the analysis to determine what problems that parents may be causing in your center, and get a good view of where your problems are and why they exist.

A workbook to accompany each webinar is included.  Use the workbooks to follow along in each webinar. Take notes and make your action plan.

  •  4 Tip Sheets
    • These Parents are Driving Me Crazy
    • Having Successful Meetings with Parents
    • Communication Tips
    • Why Encouraging Participation in your Center is a WIN for Everyone

  • Success Trackers for each module
    • Review information and your progress as you complete each module.
    • A package roadmap tracker is also included to follow sequence & timing as you learn from each module.

Plus, as an added BONUS…

  •  The Benefits of a 1-Year Paid Membership to Your Center Success