Ensuring that Each Parent’s Child is not “Lost in the Shuffle”



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Webinar Description:

All parents want to believe that their child is getting the full share of adult attention during the time they spend at the child care center. They want their child to be the center of your attention, the child who is encouraged to grow and succeed, and the child that every adult and child wants to spend time with at the center.  That would be wonderful, but the reality is that many times the well behaved child is not given attention because s/he is not demanding it.  Adults might unconsciously barely speak to this child beyond “hello” and “goodbye”. This webinar will help you to assess the attention each of your children actually receives.  It will then help to develop a plan to let each child get his/her fair share of attention in your center.


Webinar Learning Objectives:

The learner will be able to…

  • Define why it is important for no child to be “lost in the shuffle”
  • Assess the amount of attention each child receives during the day
  • Develop a plan to give each child appropriate attention every day

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CDA Competencies

I., III.

NAEYC Program Standards

Standard 1: Relationships, Standard 4: Assessment of Child Progress