Four Keys to Getting Difficult Staff Members to Cooperate within 30 Days



Webinar Description:

Your staff can be the your biggest asset or your biggest liability.  It’s really up to you!  This webinar will show you how to develop a GREAT staff member for your center, from the day s/he arrives to retirement day.  It will also show you how to take a staff member who has lost his/her way and turn that behavior around.  If that can’t happen, we’ll show you what to do.

Webinar Learning Objectives: 

The learner will be able to…

  • Know the effects of the Dynamic between the Director and the Staff?
  • Know what it takes to grow a Great staff member
  • Understand the stumbling blocks of changing a difficult staff member
  • Know what to do at the “finish line”

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Directors, Managers, Owners

CDA Competencies

V., VI.

NAEYC Program Standards

Standard 3: Teaching, Standard 6: Teachers

Successful Center Category

An Incredible Leader