Medications: Is There a Doctor in the House?



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Webinar Description:

Do you have a child who needs your staff to administer medication to him/her every day? Do you have more than one child who needs medication?  Do you have many?  Do you have all your paperwork in order to be able to administer medication?  A system for getting the medication from the child’s backpack each day?  Do you have a locked cabinet?  A good system to mark the medications with the child’s name?  A procedure if something goes wrong??? The list goes on.  But as laborious as this is, we have to remember – this can be a life or death matter!  This webinar will help you to think about all of the issues to keep your children and your center safe.


Webinar Learning Objectives: 

The learner will be able to…

  • Identify at least three situations where children are bringing medications to school and a review of this process
  • Determine how best to ensure that the staff keeps the children safe
  • Develop an action plan for a medication safety plan that protects your children and your center

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