A Most Important Leadership Quality: Do You Feel Good About Being You?



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If you are the owner or director of the child care center, everyone looks to you to be the leader.  Do you feel like a leader, or do you just feel like the person in charge?  Providing leadership is much more than just holding a title.  Real leaders are loved and respected by those around them.  They carry out their day with purpose.  They help others become leaders.  They make others feel good about themselves.  And they feel good about doing all of these things.  This webinar will explore how you feel about being a leader.  You will share a conversation with other leaders who may be struggling with the same issue. The goal will be to get you to the point about feeling like a leader and feeling good about being you!

Webinar Learning Objectives:

The learner will be able to…

  • List three ways in which you believe you show leadership
  • List three ways in which you would like to show better leadership and why this would be important to you
  • Discuss what you might do to improve your leadership skills
  • Develop an action plan for this growth

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Directors, Managers, Owners

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