Taking Ownership of Getting Your Children “Kindergarten Ready”



Is your staff engaged in their work?  Are they motivated to be successful?


Do they truly understand the goal of the work they do, and the outcome that is expected?


Do they realize that they are helping every child to be ready to begin Kindergarten with the appropriate skills that will let them be successful?


Here is an activity that will help to clarify their roles and help them track their progress.


Staff will look at each child as an individual. They will track the milestones to a child’s readiness to begin Kindergarten.


They will be able to watch their work help a child to progress week by week.


Your staff will become much more motivated!


You will have a more engaged staff working on your center’s mission.


But best of all, your children will definitely benefit from their enthusiasm, attention and professional expertise.


Included are Boys & Girls Common Skills Booklets, age birth to 5 years old that list common skills children should typically attain by that age.