What Would Be Different in Your Center If You Were Seen As An Incredible Leader?



Webinar Description:   

You know the feeling.  You walk in.  Everyone is happy.  The center is organized.  The ambiance is motivating.  It just feels the way you want your center to feel.  Well, who gets the credit for this great center feeling?  It’s clearly the leadership.  We ask our children to work hard and be all that they can be.  You want that for yourself too, don’t you.  So let’s go!  This webinar will head you in the right direction, to the recipe of being an Incredible Leader.  This is the #1 you want to attend.


Webinar Learning Objectives:

You will be learn…

  • What makes an Incredible Leader of a child care center?
  • What do you have to do to become that Incredible Leader?
  • What might hold you back or get in your way from becoming the Incredible Leader of  you own child care center?
  • What will you do to overcome these obstacles to your goal of being an Incredible Leader?

Additional information


Directors, Managers, Owners

CDA Competencies

II., III., V., VI.

NAEYC Program Standards

Standard 10: Leadership and Management

Successful Center Category

An Incredible Leader