Working with Really Difficult Parents



Webinar Price:   
$55 Non-Members/$35 Members

Webinar Description: 

The stress of raising children, and the need for child care, can make a parent appear to be difficult to get along with at the child care center. This training will provide helpful suggestions to engage parents in the center and enable them to participate in the child care experience in a more positive manner.  It will also discuss processes to eliminate the situations that cause problems at the center.  All webinar attendees will be encouraged to offer successful suggestions.


Webinar Learning Objectives:

The learner will be able to…

  • Identify issues that arise with parents that cause them to be considered “difficult”.
  • Create a plan to solve many of the difficulty issues.
  • Develop an implementation strategy to engage parents and diffuse the difficulties.

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All Staff, Directors, Managers, Owners

Successful Center Category

Empowered Staff

CDA Competencies


NAEYC Program Standards

Standard 2: Curriculum, Standard 6: Teachers