You Pick Fix-It




What is the biggest issue that frustrates you the most in YOUR child care center?


Parents not following policies? Staff not motivated? Paperwork piling up? Not really feeling like you are in control of your center? Ugh.


I get that your job can be very frustrating, and I know that your problems aren’t exactly the same as other child care directors’ problems. Every center is unique.


But I can assure you that every problem you are encountering is fixable! If you are ready right now to solve this problem – systemically – then you are the right professional for the You Pick Fix-It package. You and I can work one-on-one to fix this issue until you have the control you want in your center!


So, how does this work and what exactly does the You Pick Fix-it package include?


First you determine the issue you want to fix.  (I bet it comes to mind right away!).  Then, we work together to resolve that issue and the systemic cause of the issue.


In this package you will get:

    1. A private conversation to discuss your issue
    2. One hour of live training
    3. A workbook to accompany the training
    4. A certificate of completion for the training
    5. Follow-up private coaching to make sure that the issue is fixed


Note: The entire focus is on YOU, YOUR ISSUE and conquering the issue you face in YOUR center.


If this sounds exactly like what you have been wishing was available, then don’t wait another minute to commit to ending your problem and getting your center operating the way you want it to be.

So, now…are you just afraid that you don’t have time to do this?


I work with YOUR schedule. If you need evenings or weekends, that is ok!


You see, we both know that the work you do, and the work I help you to do is for one reason – It’s All About the Children in your care growing and flourishing to the very best of their ability.


Don’t let another frustrating minute go by under your leadership. Sign up now and together let’s Fix It.