5 Reasons That Staff Training is Essential

It’s always in the back of your mind … “I need to schedule some staff training”.  Wow.  When can than happen?  There are barely enough minutes in the day to take care of the children, much less send the staff to training!  But you still know that continuing education/staff development/staff training is essential for every employee.

1. Almost everyone has a professional skill that they want to learn or improve.  It will help them to be more competent and more confident!

2. Employees who lack adequate training can cost your center time, and ultimately money to correct the inefficiencies they possess.  But remember, this may not be their fault.

3. Employee training can make a company a safer place for the children and the staff. It reminds staff of safety issues, and teaches about new safety issues.

4. Employees want to work for a company that provides training and development opportunities.  If you don’t provide it, you may be opening the door for them to go to work elsewhere.

5. Employees who receive training feel better about YOU.  They feel that you care about their professionalism and want them to be successful

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