Being an Early Childhood Director has many rewards, but it also comes with a lot of stresses.  When you’re stuck in a ‘hamster wheel’ of just trying to catch up with the day, and never feeling like you can meet deadlines on time or get anything accomplished that you /want/ to do, it becomes overwhelming and exhausting!

I was excited to find ‘Your Center Success’ as the webinars and group chats have really helped me find new ways to manage myself around the daily priority changes.  Having the ability to talk with individuals that are in the same field and position is a stress-relief on its own accord, and ‘Your Center Success’ gave me that opportunity.  The comfort that we’re not alone and hearing the different solutions from other directors has had a huge impact for me personally.

I must also mention that Sue has been /such/ a positive support system!  She understands the high paced environment and all of the factors that a director has to juggle each day.  She is patient, understanding and sincere about her wanting to help with the individual needs of each director within her coaching sessions.

With all of that being said, I’m thankful for the many tools and resources that ‘Your Center Success’ has provided and would highly recommend it to all directors!