The Spotlight is On You!


We’re not the kind of people who like a spotlight.  Early childhood professionals tend to be more humble, behind the scenes, get the job done with little fanfare.


We’re really focused on the children…helping them to be all that they can be.


Reality is, you are in the spotlight when you are an owner and/or a director of a child care center.  And everything you do is under the microscope.


So, how do you cope with this?  How do you (essentially) change your personality?


Become an actress.  Play the role of a confident, in-command, loving LEADER.


If you tend to be timid and avoid confrontation in your “real life,” that’s OK.  But it’s not OK for the director of a center to AVOID confrontation.  You’ll get run over when you do this.  And run over even more the next time you do it.  And it’s downhill from there!


It may take practice, but you are doing this for the children.  So, become an actress.  Act like you are in control.  Act like you are comfortable making hard decisions.  Act like a leader.


How do you do this?

  • Study the way leaders who you admire act. Watch how they hold themselves, their demeanor, their tone of voice, their eye movements, and their interactions with those they supervise.


  • Practice in front of a mirror. Pretend you are interacting in various scenarios.  Note how closely you are “acting” like the leader you admire.


  • Implement your role as a confident leader in your center. Even if it is just an act, it will be the just the right behavior for you in your role.


Interesting fact.  The more you “act” like a leader, the more this quality will become engrained in you.  You may just get to the point where you no longer have to act!